Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Frogs

SOMETHING really worth to share..
When two frogs fell into a bucket of milk, they faced a situation that became a matter of life or death. Both of them tried to jump to freedom, but the sides were steep and they had no foundation to spring from. One of them despaired, stopped jumping and soon sank to the bottom and drowned. The other saw no likelihood of success, but kept on trying. Although despair started to creep into its mind, it kept on kicking. Although growing tired and weary, he never stopped, knowing that if he did, he would end up like the other frog at the bottom of the bucket. Eventually its persistence churned the milk into butter. The hardened surface became a springboard. The relieved frog grabbed the opportunity and jumped away to freedom.
Moral of the story: Those who didn't give up and persevere will enjoy the fruits of their labors.
Penjejak Mimpi
- takde jalan mudah dan senang untuk berjaye. Nak berjaye, usaha mau lebih. Takde mende yang datang bergolek macam tu ajek.


nora said...

yeah never give up!
(apsal teibe i smangat lebih lak ni)

Penjejak Mimpi said...

Nora: smangat mao lebeh... :)