Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lawak Sebelum Final AFF

EMEL dari teman seberang. Just for fun.. :)
Letter from Indonesia to Malaysia:
Dear Malaysian people, we apologize that we have killed Nurdin M Top. Now, you can take Nurdin Halid as an exchange! Initially we also want to compensate the lost of Dr. Azhari but deeply regrets Rahma Azhari had been booked by the Phillipines.
‎​Jawaban dari Malaysia:
Dear Indonesian, sorry for we won the soccer this time. If you want to win on Dec 29 please send back Manohara to us.
Penjejak Mimpi:
lawak.. :)


faztee said...

KUI..KUI..LEh lk gtu..Nsib xde sbut lk safee sali ke

Penjejak Mimpi said...

Faztee: tu la pasal.. :)

lianalovekhairi said...

boleh pulak macam tu, hehehe

Penjejak Mimpi said...

LLK: klaka kan?