Saturday, September 29, 2012

Show Some Initiative

ADA satu artikel yang menarik (pada aku la) untuk dikongsikan dengan korang. Harap membawa kebaikan pada semua, insya Allah.

Sebenarnya aku tak rajin nak tulis balik apa yang Lydia Teh ni tulis tapi takpelah.. Aku rajinkan juga jari jemari 'mulus' (uwekk!!) aku ni menaip balik apa yang terkandung dalam kolum dia. Sharing is caring kan? :) Muga ianya mampu merubah pandangan skeptikal kita terhadap orang lain. Uhuk uhuk...

" Hiya, dear. Do you usually do the thing without being told? You do? Give me a high five.

Initiative is an extremely important trait to help you to get on in life. Even if you are not the ambitious sort, it will help endear you to friends and loved ones.

Exercising initiative is not like learning nuclear science. To learn a thing or two about initiative, observe a competent secretary. For her, it is merely staying one step ahead of the boss.

If he needs the production and sales figures for his monthly report, the statistics would be on his table before he could ask for them.

If she knows he is thinking of upgrading his mobile phone, she would have gathered catalogues and quotations of the latest gizmos before he could ask.

It behooves you to show initiative at work as it could help you fast-track your career.

Initiative means doing what you are supposed to do without being prodded. For example, if your boss has asked you to belt out Frank Sinatra's My Way in the past three management meetings, you take to the floor and sing your heart out without being prompted the next meeting!

Sometimes, initiative involves using your judgement to do something innovative. For example, if you notice that your colleagues like to send messages to each other by throwing scrunched-up notes at each other's head, you go make a collection of paper planes on which they could write their message and launch them onto each other's desks without hurting anyone.

At home, initiative will help you earn brownie points with family members. Is there an unwashed plate in the sink? Wash it up without being prompted. Is the floor dirty? Sweep it without being coerced.

Does mum look tired? Massage her shoulders. You would earn her eternal gratitude and who knows, your favorite dish just pop up on the dinner table without you begging for it.

Don't be like a nail which needs to be hammered in order to move. Get something done without being told, dear.

Showing initiative is like presenting a sweet smelling rose to others. "

p/s Entri ini aku tulis bersumberkan artikel dari The Sun bertarikh 18 September 2012 hasil tulisan Lydia Teh dari kolum beliau; "*Tete-a-tete with Lydia Teh".

* Tete-a-tete = a private conversation between two people. Tête-à-tête in French literally means head-to-head. (Souce: Merriam-Webster)

Penjejak Mimpi: Tapi kita ni.. kalau orang lain buat keje lebih sikit.. mulalah cop orang tu nak kipas bos la.. nak bodek bos la.. bila lah mentaliti kita nak berubah ek? Grrrr..


Kakzakie said...

Kata-kata kena ketuk baru jalan dah biasa tapi bila rajin dikata lain pulak kan..

Sebaiknya buat kerja kita jgn ganggu org lain.

Penjejak Mimpi said...

kakzakie: "Sebaiknya buat kerja kita jgn ganggu org lain".. haa.. yang tu sy memang stuju sebab sy pun tak suka di ganggu.. ehehehehe

Deru Ombak said...

Hi Cik PM..
How are you dear...

Scope of works are given to every staff to take responsibility to execute in good faith. Sometimes disturbance occurred .. Tolerance created..

As long as we are in a right path, then we are safe..

Enjoy ur working life as well as ur private.. :) all the best.


Penjejak Mimpi said...

" Sometimes disturbance occurred ".. yes, agreed and i always take it as a challenge in a way to settle all task given to me.

btw tq auntie for ur advice.. :)