Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Muslim Self Training And Taqwa

1. Uphold the five times daily solat in the appointed times. Try and rise for the night solat.
2. Fast on Mondays and Thursdays as much as possible (in addition on wajib fasting in Ramadhan).
3. Reduce your sleeping hours and read the holy Quran more often.
4. Pay extra ordinary importance to your promises and covenants.
5. Give to the needy.
6. Stay away from accusing others.
7. Do not go to extravagant and splendours gathering and parties and yourself do not give such parties.
8. Dress simply.
9. Do not talk too much. Engage in prayers (Doa) as much as possible.
10. Engage in physical education and sports. Warm ups, walking, hiking, wrestling, swimming etc.
11. Read more often; religion, sociology, politics, science, philosophy, speeches and the art of speech making.
12. Learn everyday elementary needs of a progressive islamic country.
13. Learn the science of tajweed and arabic and be aware of all fields of knowledge.
14. Do not engage in self praise of your good works. Instead remember your bad deeds.
15. Become aware of the daily news and the news relevant to all muslims .
16. Finally, look at those who are poor and spiritually look at those who are close to Allah.