Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Rocks and The Jar

A high school teacher once demonstrated a concept to his students. He filled a jar of rocks and then asked if it was full. "Yes!" the class replied. Then he poured some gravel and let it settle between the rocks before pouring some sand into the jar. Again he asked if the jar was full. "Yes!" they replied. After that, the teacher poured some water and asked again if it was full. When he finished, he asked the class what was the point of the demonstration. One student answered, "No matter how busy you are, we can always squeeze more things to our schedule.". "No" replied the teacher. "The point is unless you place the big rocks first into the jar you are never going to get them in."
And in real life, what are the Big Rocks in your life? Spending time with your spouse, children, parents, taking seminars or classess to improve your career goals. Make the time to set goals, plans or evaluate your progress. When you say you have no time, remember the story about the Big Rocks and The Jar! Always have priorities in life.
Penjejak Mimpi
- kadang-kadang tak tau pe yang kite sibukkan...